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tv   Deutsche Welle European Journal  LINKTV  January 5, 2013 6:00am-6:25am PST

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>> hello and welcome to dwi's journal. here is what is coming up. companion to a young indian woman died after rape, speaks out publicly for the first time. wildfires on the australian island of tasmania. and the third leg of the baliles buttu armenta -- a tournament.
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we will begin in india where more details have emerged in the gang rape and murder of a student in mid december. on friday, a friend of the woman is speaking out for the first time in a televised interview. he denounced what he called police incompetence prepared he said mr. nawaz left in the street and " and pleading for almost an hour she was beaten by her attackers. the 23-year-old student died later, sparking protests. >> this is the court house were the defense will be tried. they are charged with rape and murder and could face the death penalty. a sixth suspect is likely to be tried in a juvenile court. many indians want a harsh sentence for the men. but demonstrators are also angry with the authorities, would they
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say do not take rape seriously enough. this man has made serious accusations against the police, the friend of the victim who was there during the attack and was severely beaten himself. he has now told indian television that it, too, the police 45 minutes to arrive. instead of taking them to the hospital, the officers discussed which preceded was responsible for the case. the depth of public anger is having an impact. the interior minister says he now wants to record another 2500 female police officers and has issued new guidelines to the police. >> specifically, we have called them to be very strict, vigilant as far as the women's harassment is concerned. >> according to statistics, a rape is reported in india every
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20 minutes, but few cases actually ended in conviction. >> leflore in venezuela for the ailing president, hugo chávez, might be postponed. the opposition maintains that if javed does not attend next thursday's ceremony, he will no longer be eligible for office. he has contracted a serious lung infection while recovering from a cancer operation. 2013 is an election year in germany. angela merkel is riding high in the polls with her first coalition partners -- her first coalition partners could lose their place in the partner and -- in the parliament this year. and to the social democrat challenger composite failed to
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connect with the countries are far. -- the social democratic challenger has failed to connect with the country so far. >> angela merkel attended an event with a group of children dressed up as the three kings. she can afford to relax. she has great popularity with the voters there. >> we want a good government to continue in this wonderful state. that is only possible with david kowt -- david mcallister as premier. >> the social democrat needs a good result to boost his campaign. his reason, that the chancellor's wages are too low has gone down well with the voters, but has told the state and he can do better. >> i'm going to do things a
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little differently than usual. sometimes i'm too long winded and boring. and sometimes my comments need explanation. >> and then there is the fdp and its leader. there's a lot riding on the selection for the coalition partner. they might not even make the 5% threshold to get into parliament. up to him. but it is if he is sex will -- he knows it is up to him. if he is successful, it bought in, but it is all up to him. >> the chancellor will take place in 2013. >> staying in germany, ireland has dismissed a report that it has ignored nuclear waste being
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stored abroad. environmental groups are up in arms about a new legislation currently under draft, which includes a clause that would allow the export of nuclear waste. the environmental minister says it is only been included to fall in with e.u. guidelines, but the opposition is not buying it. it is still not clear where it will be stored in germany. >> the german minister has a problem, he insists that nuclear waste will stay in germany, but the country has no permanent storage site. that is why the people want a law that will determine permanent storage before the elections. that is it. >> but critics point to a clause in the bill that does allow the storage of summer elective waste outside germany. the government says it has no intention of making use of the
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cause, but that has not reassured the opposition peter dolle -- the opposition. >> it is the fourth in the door. it is the intent to make a business for the nuclear industry. we have no control over security conditions abroad. >> finland is building a permanent storage site for four nuclear waste. russia already operates one. -- for foreign nuclear waste. a russia already operates one. >> there are opening up a cat to use russia as a nuclear toilet. it is lane -- they are opening up a door to use russia as a nuclear corlette. it is lining up the sites. russia is first on the list. >> it remains a hotly debated topic. >> more sober panels were installed in 2012 than ever before -- solar panels were installed in
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2012 than ever before 7,600 megawatts per year. germany now has the potential capacity to produce around 32,000 megawatts of solar power per year, the equivalent of 23 nuclear power plant. the presidents of sudan and south sudan have begun talks on achieving better relations between their two countries. needing in the ethiopian capital, the president of the south sudan and his counterpart from the north say they want to diffuse hostility and restart will transport across the border. fighting has continued, despite a peace deal last september. hundreds of local tourist have set forth -- bushfires in tasmania. thousands are stranded by the
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blaze on the eastern side of the island. the temperatures have eased for now. firefighters are warning it will take a long time to contain the place. dozens have been less -- left homeless by the blazes. >> record temperatures and wind have driven the blaze. tasmania and and tourists alike have fled the blazes. firefighters were confronted by the aftermath of the bush fires. dozens of buildings and burned to the ground. worst hit was a seaside town. one-third of the homes have been lost. even the school is gone. residents are struggling to cope. >> i've lost both my houses. my brother has lost his. >> there is hope the government will help them rebuild their lives. >> we are working with them, as
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with the state government, to support people through. >> rescuers apart people to safety by ferry. but thousands are still threatened. >> we will have loads of winter sports, but first, some news around the world. a nato mission to deploy air missiles to turkey is under way. the u.s., the netherlands, and germany are each providing a two missile batteries. turkey requested aid to defend itself against possible spillover from the civil war in neighboring syria. the u.s. congress has approved just under $10 billion in aid to the victims of superstar sandy. the senate earlier approved a $60 billion package. the speaker of the house of representatives called off a vote on that bill, incurring the anger of fellow republicans in
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the states hardest hit, new york and new jersey. the young pakistani education activist has been released from a british hospital three months after being shot by the pakistani taliban. she has made a remarkable recovery and reconstructive surgery was scheduled for next month. she was struck by the taliban because of her advocacy for girls' education. we start with ski jumping in sports. an austrian has won the third leg in the four hills tournament. he is looking good to retain his four hills crown prepared heading into the -- his four hills crown. heading into the final round on sunday. >> defended his claim to the four hills ground in outstanding fashion. his jobs as sealed a convincing
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win for the 22-year-old -- his jumps sealed a convincing win for the 22-year-old austrian. >> it is absolutely incredible to win at home. the crowd is going wild. it is one of those special moments. you just have to enjoy it. >> the day was not so special for the norwegian brought to the second job. a mistake -- who botched the second jump. a mistake ever crossed in the overall win. >> i cannot be too disappointed. i have to fight back, and then after that, let me see how my fate looks. it is like this or like this. >> and from germany, fourth input -- fourth place overall. >> to stockard outcome signing a
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-- and to soccer now, signing a deal with the english league. the 22-year-old is half english, but grow up in germany. the move has not come as a surprise. he has often said he would like to play in the premier li. -- premier league. italian club acy maulana -- ac milan are making headlines. a group of spectators began shouting racist chance at one of their players. he stopped the play, kick the ball toward the audience, and walked off the pitch by his teammates. police are saying they were -- they are requesting the fans identify the culprit.
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the tournament is taking place in the nuremberg stadium on top of the ice hockey rink. they're expecting a record number deval -- a record number of spectators. the crowd -- >> a crowd of 50,000 is expected. for the players, it is like a trip down memory lane. >> when you look up and see the sky, it is like when you are a kid and played on a frozen lake. it is like a reminder of childhood. i'm excited. >> the idea for the winter game came from north america, where the nhl has held open games since 2007. the match in nuremberg will cost about 1 million euros, but organizers hope " pay off. >> believe it will be able to --
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a the league will be able to profit from this, too. we hope to have more soccer games. >> and for the crowd, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> will be back with more news and sports at the top of the hour. stay with us. stay with us.
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>> these night owls, work for the sanitation
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